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It is not uncommon for someone to trip on the battery charger lead and break the socket where the battery charger lead attaches. It is also possible that the battery charger has died. You can purchase a universal laptop charger for around $60 and a new battery does not cost that much if you order direct from China via Ebay or Ali Express. If you have multiple RAM slots, then taking out each one of them one by one and starting the PC will help find the culprit.

  • Though nobody wants to see a BSOD on a Windows PC, they do occur from time to time.
  • Reboot the system or type the command “sudo mount /dev/sdb” to remount the drive.
  • I have Mem issue in one of server after installing Solemon agent, before also we have high memory utilazation in the server but we didnt get any alerts but now after installing agent we got alerts .

If it’s still invisible, you need a hard drive repair or replacement. Restart your computer and see if you are still getting the “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart” blue screen error. Some users reported that they successfully fixed this error by updating Windows operating system. It is known that sometimes checking for the latest Windows updates and installing them can solve lots of various problems. If Windows has not been updated for some time, we recommend you check for updates manually and see if there are any updates to be installed.

As the OS is unable to load, then either the RAM is corrupted and can’t hold the boot loader or the hard drive is damaged and can’t load data inside it. The Error-checking tool repairs bad sectors, lost allocation units and file fragments, cross-linked files, and invalid file names. Failure to load software upgrades– Computer software often comes with various bugs, or vulnerabilities. These are simply programming mistakes, but they can make the software susceptible to viruses and glitches. When an error is discovered, the software designer sends out a “patch” that requires downloading and rebooting. Failing to upgrade the https://driversol.com/errors-directory/11016 software by running the patch can lead to corruption of data. Speccy is another great computer diagnostic tool.

OOM error logs are normally available in your host’s syslog (in the file /var/log/syslog). In a dynamic environment with a large number of ephemeral hosts, it’s not realistic to comb through system logs manually—you should forward your logs to a monitoring platform for search and analysis.

Method 1: Run The Windows Update Troubleshooter Tool

Multiple hard drives have been connected to your computer and you have set a wrong drive to boot from. Download this multipurpose PC repair tool to diagnose your entire system, identify computer issues, clean out junk files, remove corrupted files, scan for malware, and make your PC work faster. In the Clean Boot state, Windows starts with only essential services required for Windows to run. Try performing the activity that resulted in this system error and see if it occurs in Clean Boot mode. Twenty years ago, the Blue Screen of Death could be very scary indeed.

Linux Commands

The most common version of this error is SMART Hard Disk Error 301. While checking connectivity fsck finds some inodes which are allocated but not referenced – not attached to any directory . Answering y to reconnect message by fsck links these files to the lost+found directory with their inode number as their name . File Systems are responsible for how our data is stored and organized. If our file system corrupted and certain parts not working then such a problem leads to inconsistency in the file system. This problem can be solved by using fsck command. The sudo command will give you the right to create using touch an empty file in the root of the drive /forcefsck, which serves as a signal for fsck, need to check the disks.