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You can download the appendix from here to help you prepare for the latest exam questions. As of April 21st, 2022, you can order the updated Exam Ref AZ-500 Asp Net Mvc Developer Razor C Jobs Apply Now Microsoft Azure Security Technologies with Practice Test . I highly recommend this book to prepare and pass the new version of the AZ-500 exam.

Our job assistance program is aimed at helping you land in your dream job. It offers a potential opportunity for you to explore various competitive openings in the corporate world and find a well-paid job, matching your profile. The final decision on hiring will always be based on your performance in the interview and the requirements of the recruiter. You can definitely make the switch from self-paced training to online instructor-led training by simply paying the extra amount. To pass the exam, you will need to score a minimum of 70 percent on the overall exam and at least 35 percent on each domain. I believe Intellipaat is an ideal place to begin a successful career in the IT industry. One of the best things that I liked about this course was the real life projects and the opportunity to get hands-on learning.


To keep the following in mind, having the right knowledge, study materials, and references is key for exam preparation. However, we’ll go through a few approaches in the section below to help you better prepare for your role as a Microsoft Azure Security Engineer.

How long does IT take to study for AZ 500?

The AZ-500 Azure Security Engineer Exam Experience

The AZ-500 Azure Security Engineer Exam is definitely not an easy one to pass and it challenges you with long business scenarios that you should read through and pick the right answer. It took me three weeks of preparation with 3 hours a day of studying each day.

✅Candidates experienced enough to recognize and resolve vulnerabilities with the help of security tools. Please make sure to check the following hands-on lab section that will help you prepare and gain more practical experience. Not to mention Become a Site Security Specialist: Step-by-Step Career Guide you can never go wrong with a career in the IT industry because we’re living in a digital world that’s constantly evolving. The Azure certification provides the necessary knowledge for protecting sensitive or crucial information.

Azure Monitor

A 4-day short training path will increase your experience and knowledge about various data encryption methods and network security that you can implement on Azure. Besides, this course will fully train you for security operation management, security services, and policy configuration. ✅Candidates involved with the implementation of security controls, security of data, networks, apps, identity and access management. They provide platform protection, How To Become a Mobile App Developer manage identity and access, perform threat modeling, add threat protection, control security posture, and much more. Candidates involved with the implementation of security controls, security of data, networks, apps, identity and access management. The Azure Security Engineer then implements and configures security controls and policies, manages data access, and monitors threats to keep apps, containers, infrastructure, and networks safe.

become an azure security engineer learning

But those, who have just started with Azure can go for the Azure fundamentals AZ-900 exam. Passing the AZ-900 test will enable you to have the necessary information and abilities to proceed to the AZ-500 exam. This exam, however, necessitates a fundamental understanding of Microsoft Azure cloud services. The exam is primarily intended for those who want to learn about Azure’s cloud-based solutions and services. Responsibilities include maintaining the security posture, identifying, and remediating vulnerabilities using a variety of security tools, implementing threat protection, and responding to security incident escalations. The best candidate should have hands-on experience and knowledge about automation and scripting. A thorough understanding of virtualization and networking is a must for this course.

Official Microsoft Azure Security Exam Prep Boot Camp

As a security engineer, you have to support the development of cloud security frameworks and deploy it upon the Azure cloud. You need to understand the basics of security controls and their implementation. Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t have job outlook information specifically for an Azure security engineer, they do offer data for an information security analyst, which is a closely related job title.